Weekend Roundup: No. 144

Weekend Roundup


Lawson, Sybil and I are staying at my parents for a few weeks before we officially relocate to LA. I’ve turned into a complete kid again. I haven’t made a meal or done laundry all week. I did alphabetize the spice rack though…(and yes, I loved doing it.)


We braved a trip to the Mall of America on Tuesday. It definitely was a lot to ask of the kids to come along. We survived with lots of thanks to my mom and a little refueling at Shake Shack!


What are you up to this weekend? Jim is flying in later today. After 10 days apart, we’re excited to see him. I’m pretty sure he’s just as excited to see us…well mostly Lawson and Sybil. My cousin is getting married tomorrow. It’s Sybil’s first time as a wedding guest. She’s been planning her outfit for months. :)


Make the most of the last few weekends this summer. It’s almost time for fall leaves and football!



I ran 4x in five days. There are days when running seems so hard and then there are the days when I love it. I’m definitely on a loving it kick right now.



Poor Sybil has a fever. She doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms. Maybe it’s roseola?



In my search for an outfit for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, I found this white skirt¬†(on sale for $23!) and tie-shoulder top. I’m going to tuck the top into the skirt, but it also looks really cute worn with white skinny jeans or shorts. The shirt is also available at Nordstrom. I always look there since they have free shipping and returns! It does run a bit tight across the chest. For reference, I normally wear 00 and kept size 0 in this shirt.



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