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Weekend Roundup: No. 172

Weekend in LA


It’s halloween weekend! It’s the first year Lawson and Sybil are dressing up, which should be interesting. We’re keeping it really low-key with their costumes in the hopes they feel comfortable and wear them!


Since I’m in the middle of giving up sweets for 30 days, our Friday treat tradition is being replaced with a walk to Joan’s on 3rd for the tastiest bran muffin (me) and pumpkin bread (Lawson and Sybil). Tomorrow we’re planning to hit up two Halloween parties and then relaxing and prepping for the week on Sunday.


Even though it was unbearably hot this week, I had a ton of fun playing inside with Lawson and Sybil. We built towers (and then Sybil knocked them down), played hide and seek, made muffins and read lots of books. Maybe it’s the age they are at because they sure are getting to be fun.


Are you celebrating halloween this weekend? Stay safe and eat lots of candy for me!



I taught Lawson how to play hide and seek. It’s been such fun to see him get excited to play. When Jim’s home we play on teams. Lawson usually wants to be on the team that’s hiding!



I managed to fend off Jim’s cold with zinc and lots of water. It appears I’m not going to be that lucky twice. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and stuffy head again. Hoping it passes quickly.



Last winter J. Crew sold out of this bow neck sweater before I grabbed it. Luckily they brought it back at J. Crew Factory this year. It comes in grey and antique white and is less than $50. Both are gorgeous and would be perfect for holiday events and photos!



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  1. hena tayeb wrote:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.. hope the boys enjoyed dressing up.


    Published 11.2.17