Weekend Roundup: No. 187


This week was full of celebrating! Lawson turned 3 on Monday followed quickly by Jim’s birthday on Wednesday. 

I finished the secret to southern charm this week. It was a fun, easy read. I hope to start An American Marriage this weekend and finish it before we head to Minnesota next Thursday. (Last week I created a shop section specific to books, you can find it here. Select Books on the left side and you’ll see all my recent reads.)

As I sit writing this post, the wind is crazy tonight! There were a few moments I wondered if we should even be close to the windows. I don’t think I could live in a hurricane zone.

I’m pretty proud of myself for taking both Lawson and Sybil to the pediatrician this week by myself. It’s no easy feat to get both of them ready to go, in the car, navigate the streets of LA and find parking much less endure the actual appointment.

This weekend Jim has his last Saturday class tomorrow morning (yay!) and we have plans to go to the beach on Sunday weather permitting (and assuming Lawson feels better). After all the birthday treats, we need to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon too. 

Have a great weekend friends!


This is the first year Lawson has really been excited for his birthday. It was such fun to experience it with him. We went for a walk to pick up a special cupcake and then to LACMA to paint. He had fun running around outside afterwards and loved opening his presents. 


My low points this week ended up resulting in a special afternoon. Lawson has slept with a pacifier all his life, but we prepped him for a couple of weeks that when he turned 3, he wouldn’t need them anymore. The first couple of nights were rough. Then he came down with a fever and aches yesterday. When Sybil took a nap, we laid in bed. He asked to hold my hand and we both slept for 2 hours. It reminded me of when he was a newborn. 


Shopbop’s spring sale is going on until tomorrow night. These Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop jeans are my current favorite and on sale for 20% off (or 25% if you spend more than $500). This cashmere travel wrap is a major splurge, but on my wish list and you’ve heard me talk about these Madewell tees and tanks. I have all 3 colors and wear all spring and summer.

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