Weekend Roundup: No. 194

Striped Swing Dress, 4th of July Weekend Style, Denim Vest

This weekend we’re celebrating Jim, heading to the beach and crossing off a special item on my LA to do list with a trolley ride at the Grove tonight. I hope Lawson enjoys it as much as I think he will!

Tomorrow marks one month until we move out of our apartment. I’m both freaked out and excited. Last time we moved, we started packing weeks in advance. This time we’re taking the opposite approach and leaving it all until the last week.

I’ve listed a few new items on Instagram and Poshmark as I continue to clean out my closet. I’m going to do one last closet purge this weekend and list the last of my stuff early next week.

We’re having family photos taken next month before we leave LA. Still deciding between the beach (some of my favorite moments) and LACMA/The Grove (where we spend most of our time). I’m struggling with finding a dress to wear. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

Potty training continues and is still going great. I’m proud of Lawson. He’s far surpassed my idea of how this process would go!

The last time I ran on a regular basis, I used a Garmin Forerunner to track my pace and mileage. This week I sadly discovered the strap broke. I’m at a point where I’d like to start tracking my mileage and need to figure out what to get to replace my Forerunner. Another Garmin or the Apple Watch?


It was a good, solid week, but nothing stands out to me as a high point. I’ve sat thinking about it for 5 minutes and decided to admit it rather than continue to search. Sorry!


I’ve been running and doing BBG for 7 weeks. I haven’t taken consistent progress photos, but my shorts were feeling tighter so I compared this week to early March right after I finished Whole30 (when I wasn’t working out as much). I looked (and felt) smaller after Whole30, which was disheartening. I’ve also had stomach pains for the past few weeks so I’ve resolved to eat healthier again.


I love a good graphic tee and this J. Crew Sailor tee is even cuter in person. It would look perfect with denim shorts and a blue neck scarf for an understated 4th of July outfit!

A very happy Father’s Day on Sunday to all the father’s in my life, especially my luv and my dad!

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