Weekend Roundup: No. 196

Weekend Lunch at Mansur Gavriel

We may be heading into the beginning of a holiday weekend (cheers if you’re off all next week!) but I’m still dreaming about last weekend! My girlfriend came to visit and we did all of our favorite things. Food, wine and shopping. We joke that we actually spend more time window shopping than make actual purchases but it’s true! 

Jim’s last class of his graduate program was yesterday! A 4-day trip to Japan and 2 finals to go and he’ll no longer be an MBA student. 

This weekend we’re heading to the beach (maybe twice) and I’m getting a haircut (my first since December!) I’d also like to fit in a trip to Salt & Straw for ice cream. It was on our list last weekend but the line was too long. Jim and Lawson love ice cream so they shouldn’t be too hard to convince. 

Anyone else look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as a highlight of summer? It starts for cardholders on July 12th. I’ve already looked through the online catalog two times!


I’m actually on track to finish week 3 of BBG this week. It’s my third time trying to get through it!


Saying goodbye to my friend on Monday, especially since we don’t have plans to see each other again yet. Hey, at least I got my low point out of the way early, right?


I am still on the hunt for an outfit for our family photos. I was browsing the Nordstrom sale section earlier this week and saw this midi skirt. It’s on the way to me now. I thought it might be cute with my sailor graphic tee that’s now on super sale!

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