Weekend Roundup: No. 203

Rocky Mountain National Park

We survived our first camping as a family of 4! We are a little sleep deprived and a lot dirtier, but we didn’t lose a child and no one got (seriously) injured. So I’m deeming it a success! It was actually a great experience. I got emotional telling Lawson and Sybil how we used to go camping before they were born. It was just a really special experience to expose them to something we love. 

We (okay, I) was unprepared for how cold it was going to get at night. The low was 39 and I guess I forgot what 39 felt like. Jim and I zipped our sleeping bags together, Lawson slept between us and two hours later Sybil joined us. Sybil’s poor hands were ice cold. I was cold and I had more layers on than they did. I definitely learned my lesson. We plan on investing in base layers for them before our next trip.

Last week on our drive to Rocky Mountain National Park we started playing a family edition of the license plate game. It took me .2 seconds to be fully into it. A national park is a Mecca for license plates. We’ve crossed 35 States off already, including Alaska and Hawaii. Lawson and Sybil thought I was nuts when I celebrated getting Alaska.

I requested a few books at our local library. The first one came in this week. I’m excited to get started on The Shortest Way Home. I also borrowed The Autoimmune Solution. My mom is reading it and came across a section about fibroids.

The official start of fall is today! I’m dreaming up my fall bucket list and hope to share it with you next week. Do you have any fall traditions? Lawson and Sybil are at the age where I’d like to create a few traditions that we can continue.


My high point was definitely camping with my favorite people. It wasn’t easy, but I’d 100% do it again!


Three weeks ago I ran 9 miles and felt great (well all things considered). The past two weeks, my pace has been abysmal. My legs feel weak. My overall energy is low. The timing coincides with starting a mini-Whole30. This week I’ve been trying to eat more and make sure I drink enough water. I was so proud of my progress so this step back has been disappointing.


I shared my September wish list earlier this week, but I came across this cable knit sweater from Banana Republic tonight and am adding it to my list. The heather grey is calling my name.

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