Weekend Roundup: No. 211


Wow, did this week feel especially long for you too? Between potty training, a cold and chasing Lawson down the street, it’s been a week.

I mentioned it last year, but I’m super excited to be a style contributor on Momma Society this year! Mandy and her Momma Society community have been so helpful to me throughout my motherhood journey. It’s going to be a fun year!

Lawson has been out of school for 3 weeks. I now understand why parents are so ready for the school year to start up again in the fall. It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with him, but he needs that interaction with his teachers and classmates. He was supposed to be off for 2 weeks and then they had to unexpectedly close for another week. We’re very ready for him to go back next week!

I always try to positive, but also real, both here and on social media. The truth is I’ve felt a step away from yelling at my kids all week. I almost cried at the grocery store yesterday. Lawson and Sybil were racing through the store pushing their kid carts (who invented those anyway?) while I braced for one of them to run into me or someone else all the while apologizing to everyone within 20 feet of us.

My girlfriend was in Denver for work this week and I completely forgot about it. Not only did I feel like a terrible friend, but I could have used some girlfriend time.

I think because Lawson didn’t go back to school yet, I haven’t fully settled into the new year and our normal routine. I live for routine, schedules and to do lists. Since I was focused on potty training Sybil, I didn’t schedule anything. My daily to do consisted of making sure she didn’t pee or poop on the floor. Or at least limiting it.

All this is to say it’s time to plan fun activities, get out of the house, limit TV time (Lawson becomes a monster), cook real food and create a to do list.

This weekend is starting with snow in our forecast. There’s been less snow in Denver than I expected so we always look forward to it. The snow melts within 48 hours, which makes it easy not to worry about driving in it much.

Have a great weekend friends!


One of Jim’s Christmas gifts for me didn’t arrive until this week, which actually worked out wonderfully. It was fun to have a treat during a week filled with some blah days. (In case you’re interested, he gave me this sweater.)


It’s somewhat a high and low point, but after a week of working with Sybil to pee on the toilet, I put her back in diapers. I was more relieved than disappointed. It had gotten frustrating for both of us and she was starting to fight going on the toilet. I’m not the kind of parent that feels like my kids need to be potty trained by a certain age (Lawson was over 3 years old). I’d rather it’s as stress free as possible.


My favorite flats are on sale. I have a pair of the Felize and Pastoso and love them both.

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