Weekend Roundup: No. 212

Weekend at Union Station

Jim started work this week so it’s been back to real stay at home mom life for me. The holidays have been a great distraction. We’ve been making cookies and wrapping gifts each afternoon. It’s been an extra exhausting week, but a lot of fun. 

On Wednesday we started a week of kids Christmas movies. So far we’ve watched Luna’s Christmas around the world and The Snowman and the Snowdog. 

I was looking into how to recycle our Christmas tree when I read wrapping paper isn’t recyclable. I had no idea! It made me a little ill to think of all the wrapping paper we’ll have on Christmas Day. So next year I’m going to use plain kraft paper (which is recyclable) and get a stamp or use a sharpie. That may seem kind of Grinch of me, but I think I’ll still be able to dress up the gifts with ribbon.

I started watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last night. One episode in and I’m hooked.  

Lawson was playing after school with his friends. Some of them started piling on top of each other and Lawson joined in. I wasn’t very comfortable with it, but I didn’t want to be “that mom” that doesn’t let her kid play rough. I was talking to Jim about it that night and he reminded me to trust my gut. If something doesn’t feel right to me, speak up. It’s a good reminder about parenting and life in general.

My parents and brother arrive tonight for 5 days of holiday fun. There’s plenty of food and drinks on the menu. My brother, Jim and I might sneak in a half day of skiing on Sunday.

The last of our gifts have been mailed to far away family. We have a few things left to wrap but otherwise the next days will be spent relaxing and having fun together. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!


On Wednesday, Lawson, Sybil and I took the bus downtown to Union Station. We checked out the Tattered Cover bookstore, looked at the big Christmas tree and had lunch. It was out of my comfort zone and so much fun. 


This week has been an adjustment for all of us. The kids are both a little off without their daddy home as much as he has been since we moved here. 


Last week I mentioned my search for a pair of leopard slip on loafers. I found a Cole Haan pair that got great reviews, but they were sold out or regular price (which was too expensive for me). I signed up on the Cole Haan site to be notified when they were back in stock and it happened this week! They keep coming back in and out of stock at the sale price of $100 (and we had a $100 gift card that I used).

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