Weekend Roundup: No. 216


Happy Friday! This week was about getting back to the basics. Gymnastics, school, library, limiting TV. I am much happier when we can stick to our routine and get out of the house.

After having little luck finding a babysitter in our neighborhood, we started using Nanno. It’s easy to use and they do all the background checks. Our goal is to use them every other weekend for 3-4 hours.

I don’t trust Sybil to go to sleep with someone else so we’ve been having Saturday day dates, which has actually been quite fun. We still have the night after the kiddos go to bed too.

On this week’s reading status update, I’m halfway through Becoming. I was expecting it to be a faster read, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s fascinating to learn more about such a high profile woman. I’ve also worked my way up to #5 on the wait list for Educated.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Lawson had fun at school exchanging with his classmates, Sybil and I went out for pancakes and we had homemade pizza for dinner followed by cookies and ice cream. Lawson and Sybil got two new books – Hug Machine and Love Is. We’ve read them both multiple times already. All in all, it was a pretty fun day!

It’s a long weekend for us. Tomorrow is the nicest of the 3 day weekend, weather-wise. We plan on spending part of it outside. Sunday we’re visiting some friends and then we’ll see what Monday brings.

I’m holding steady on my no shopping, although I am building out a spring wish list. You can see the beginning of it here.


Jim and I went to a hot yoga class on Saturday morning. It felt great to stretch and move. It was a good reminder how much I enjoy yoga.


It’s been a good week. No complaints or low points!


A friend mentioned following Just.Ingredients on Instagram and I’m now obsessed. She highlights which ingredients to avoid in common foods.

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