Weekend Roundup: No. 231


We got back from Minnesota late on Wednesday night. Yesterday was a little rough as we all adjusted to the realities of grocery lists, laundry and no one else to entertain us. The good thing about returning home after almost two weeks away is everything seems new again. Hello toys we haven’t seen in days!

This paragraph should be titled an ode to grandparents. For 12 days, I didn’t spend a minute thinking about what we were going to have for dinner. I didn’t have to get up with Sybil (she always wakes up first and is not content to stay in her crib). I went for a run or took a nap without hardly a thought of who would watch Lawson and Sybil. Thank you Mom and Dad (and Uncle Zack) for your endless hours of playing with my kiddos!

I know I’m always raving about the Bad on Paper podcast, but it’s because it’s really good! A couple of weeks ago they had an episode all about money. They even disclosed their salaries from first jobs to most recent careers. They talked about how to negotiate and what they wish they had done differently. It’s a really great episode no matter where you’re at in your career journey. 

I mentioned last week that Lawson and Sybil’s sibling rivalry is approaching an all-time high. Jim’s sister sent us a New York Times Parenting article about not refereeing sibling fights. I am too quick to pick sides in their arguments and found it quite helpful. Now to put it into action…

Do you travel with packing cubes? They are a game changer. I have a 6-piece set from Away, but there are tons of options out there.

My fibroid has been bothering me more frequently. I met with a surgeon in January, but didn’t feel completely comfortable with her. Yesterday I met with another surgeon for a consultation and almost immediately had clarity about my next steps. I’m in the process of scheduling surgery for it to be removed in late October. The best news is she thinks it can be done laparoscopically. I am finally at a point where I want (Ronnie) the fibroid out of my body for good.

My birthday is less than 2 weeks away (yikes!). Jim, if you’re reading this cashmere scarf in navy, this twist bracelet in yellow gold (sizing TBD) and a facial at Vert Beauty are on my wish list. Oh, and I asked Lawson for a pair of my go to running socks. ;)

Tomorrow night we have a babysitter and are going out to dinner with friends. Very excited to try a new to us restaurant in Denver! We still have a few things on our summer bucket list to check off and Lawson really wants to go to the driving range. Jim is golfing on Sunday morning, which usually means a trip to the donut shop for the rest of us! 

Whatever you’re up to, make the most of the last weekends of summer!


After Lawson got to go fishing the week before, it was all Sybil could talk about. After picking up a small enough life jacket for her, we headed out on Tuesday morning for her first fishing trip. 


Sybil has been doing so well, but still has an occasional pee accident. The other night it happened to be on my brother’s couch while I was sitting next to her. Not only did she pee all over his couch, it soaked my jeans. One hour before our flight. Ugh!




Nothing yet, but I hope to get That’s What Frenemies Are For from the library soon.

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