Weekend Roundup: No. 237


Happy Friday! We started off the week with a trip to the Children’s Museum. Sybil really wanted to see one exhibit and had been talking about it all weekend. So when Lawson was at preschool on Monday, Sybil and I headed downtown. She didn’t last long at that exhibit before wanting to be held, but she did go down the slide repeatedly.

In other Sybil news, she decided she didn’t want to wear a diaper at night anymore. I told her she couldn’t pee in her bed without a diaper. And she hasn’t all week. I’m pretty sure she night trained herself. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I think she wakes up overnight, goes to the bathroom and then back to bed. 

Jim and I had a rare Monday night date. We went to dinner and a concert (Of Monsters and Men). It was really fun and we were back at home by 10:30. Note to self: there are a lot of people out on a Monday night! 

On Wednesday I got braces put on my bottom, front teeth to correct a root that was becoming exposed. I should only need them for 5-7 months, which is the good news. The bad news is I forgot how painful it is when you first start moving your teeth. It’s been 36 hours and I’ve hardly had any solid food. 

As if I didn’t already love them enough, one of my favorite podcasts, Bad on Paper, is launching a monthly series leading up to the election in November 2020. Each month they will interview an expert on a different political topic. I saw them refer to it as Politics 101 and think it’s a brilliant move. It’s great to see influencers using their voice.

Jim’s brother and his family arrive this morning for a weekend visit. Lawson LOVES having visitors and is so excited to play with all of them. Tomorrow Lawson has soccer, which basically consists of him begrudgingly standing on the field, and on Sunday we’re heading to Rocky Mountain National Park.


There are 3 moments that stand out when I reflect on this week. The dinner and concert with my luv, going to the driving range with Lawson and sweet snuggles with Sybil. 


I still feel off and can’t quite get into a good groove. 


I know a water bottle shouldn’t be the reason that I start drinking more water, but it is. I grabbed a 32 oz. HydroFlask water bottle during a trip to Whole Foods and have been consistently drinking two of them a day. I also drink a big glass of water when I get up in the morning and try to fit in another before bed. 


I’m only a few pages into Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. Really hoping I get American Royals from the library soon. 


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