Weekend Roundup: No. 256

Ann Taylor Bow Heels

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sybil had her celebration at preschool yesterday and Lawson is passing out his valentine’s today. They were both very excited to put them together. 

While I aspire to be a Pinterest mom, I am not willing to put in the effort and time. So I bought their valentine’s cards from Minted. Lawson likes mazes and picked this one. Sybil was drawn to ice cream cones. I’m sure I paid way more than necessary, but it’s important to know what kind of person you are and making homemade valentine’s is not me. 

I surprised Lawson and Sybil this morning with hearts on their door. I wrote things we love about each of them with their name. It’s as creative as I get!

I took the week off from new posts to focus on writing about my hysterectomy. I have 3 posts – how I made the decision, the actual surgery and finally the recovery. I should have the first one ready to go live next week.

Some of my earliest memories are of my dad going on hunting trips. I found this article about the impact of less hunting on endangered species very interesting. 

We had a great week with my Mom. We went out to lunch, the kiddos got special time with Grandma Joanie and I ran errands without lugging kids in and out of the car. We were all sad to see her go last night.

This weekend we have more visitors! My brother arrives this morning for a quick visit. We’re going skiing tomorrow (Sybil and I are going for moral support) and then relaxing on Sunday. 

A quick PSA: the Madewell tote I use every day is 15-20% off. You need to sign up to be an Insider, but it’s free to do so. It’s worth every penny!


Pretty much the entire week felt like a high point! I took advantage of my mom’s visit, but also felt like I got to spend some good time talking to her. It was a win/win.


No lows to report this week.


The waitlist at the library was too long, so I ordered The Defined Dish. I already made one recipe from it and there are a ton more I am excited to try. It’s not strictly Whole30, but all recipes are healthy. 


I’m alternating between Boys in the Boat and The Flatshare. Very different, but both good. It took a bit, but I’m getting hooked on Boys in the Boat.

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