Weekend Roundup: No. 269


How are you doing? My friend used the term heavy to describe life right now and I thought it was a great descripter. 

The past week I’ve reflected on how to learn more about the history of racism in this country and teach Lawson and Sybil about racism. There have been so many resources shared, which is wonderful. 

One area that immediately came to mind is the books Lawson and Sybil have. The vast majority do not have a diverse viewpoint and characters. As a start, I ordered 3 books to add to their bookshelves: All Are Welcome, Spork and Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. 

For myself, I ordered The Hate U Give, How to Be an Antiracist and So You Want to Talk About Race. I am embarrassed to admit I’ve spent very little time thinking about the role of racism in everyday life. I’ve also started listening to the 1619 Project podcast and highly recommend it. 

Yesterday, I took Lawson and Sybil to a local nursery to pick out some flowers to plant. Sybil would have bought the entire place if I let her. She loves any pink and purple flower!

I’ve been trying to run in the morning before the kids wake up. It’s cooler and gives us more flexibility in the afternoon. When I run in the afternoon, they get to watch TV while Jim is working upstairs. They’ve gotten a little too bossy about their TV time, especially Sybil. Running in the morning lets us skip screen time if we need to. 

Yesterday was my first time using Target’s curbside service. It was so easy. They brought it out as soon as I pulled into the spot. Using the service more often would probably save me from spending more money than I’d like!

The One/Third jacket I love now comes in a gorgeous navy. Even though I rarely dress up that much, it’s going on my wish list. 


If you’ve been following along on our home buying journey, last week I mentioned it was maybe back on. A week later and we have a signed contract to purchase the house we’ve been renting for almost two years! It seems a little crazy to buy a house during a pandemic, but here we are.


None to report this week!


I was looking for something to put on our bathroom counter to display our most used products. I landed on a cheese board of all things, but it works perfectly.


I am in the middle of reading Let Your Mind Run by Denna Kastor. There’s a big focus on how her attitude and mindset led to her successful running career, which I’ve found very interesting. When I run, I tend to focus on how hard it is. Since I’ve been reading her book, I’ve made a conscious attempt to shift that focus to more positive thoughts – my legs are strong enough to carry me up that hill, I went farther today than I did yesterday, etc.

You may notice that I’m linking to bookshop.org for most books that I mention. I am part of their affiliate program, which means that I earn a small commission if you purchase a book through their site from one of my links. Their mission is to financially support local, independent booksellers. Bookshop supports local booksellers in a couple of different ways – 10% of all sales are put into a pool that is evenly distributed among booksellers and stores that are affiliates earn 30% for online purchases made through Bookshop.

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