Weekend Roundup: No. 270

Mountain Views

While this week started out strong, we hit a major bump on Wednesday. I could say there’s no reason in particular, but the truth is I was just crabby. I didn’t work out for 2 days in a row and didn’t feel great about myself. Trying to turn it around with a run yesterday morning and another one tonight. 

I mentioned it last week, but I’ve been listening to the 1619 Project podcast while I run. It’s really well done and I’m learning a lot. 

We made a return trip to the flower store this morning. Why are outdoor pots so expensive??! Sybil did a great job picking out our flowers. Lots of pink and purple!

Lawson starts golf lessons through The First Tee of Denver next week. I’m very cautious about most activities and still mostly social distancing, but I felt comfortable with the safety procedures they’ve put in place. Not to mention it is outside so the risks are already lower. He’s pretty excited, which makes me excited for him.

We got some information from our school district about options for the 2020-2021 school year. It seems most likely they’ll start the year with a mix of in person and remote learning, which is fine with me. We can all ease into it. I realize we’re fortunate in that I stay at home and have a lot more flexibility that most parents.

This weekend we have a few household projects on the list along with planting the flowers we bought today. Jim is golfing, but I plan to fit in a workout each day to stay sane. Is it wrong to put a nap on my to do list this weekend too?


Wednesday night after dinner we went for a family walk. The weather and view of the mountains was gorgeous. 


Eh, pretty much most of Wednesday and Thursday??


I’ve been focused on house stuff and have not been shopping for clothes in forever. I did notice the striped shirtdress I’ve worn at least once a week is back in stock at Banana Republic. I love it so much I’m considering getting the navy as well. 


I finished Let Your Mind Run and started Untamed. I’m only a few chapters into Untamed, but I’ve heard so many rave reviews that I’m looking forward to digging into it more this weekend.

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