Weekend Roundup: No. 295

Happy Friday, friends! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Colorado and I’m ready for it. 

After a weeklong visit, my parents started their drive home on Sunday morning. We all shed tears. We had a great time with them exploring both new to us and familiar parts of Colorado. Lawson and Sybil played almost every single waking moment they were here.  

Before they left, Jim and I had a day date to test drive new vehicles. I sold my Q5 last December and while we can live with one car right now, we will need to replace it when the kids start school in the fall and/or Jim goes back to the office regularly. 

I have only bought two cars in my adult life and I was kind of dreading it. Due to COVID, you do all test drives on your own, which I hope becomes the norm. I just want to drive the car without a bunch of small talk (yep, introvert right here 🙋‍♀️). 

My top two for two row mid-size SUVs are the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport and Honda Passport. For three rows, I test drove the Subaru Ascent and Acura MDX (not really a true comparison as the Acura is $15k more than the Subaru). 

Colorado opened vaccine eligibility to 16+ today. I happened to wake up around 12:30 and was up for 3 hours trying to make appointments. Spoiler alert – I was not successful. I’ll keep trying!

After a two week weather delay, Lawson started soccer this week. It was fun to see him run around in a different environment. He asks a lot of questions and adds commentary throughout practice. He always raises his hand and waits to be called on!

We broke out our outdoor umbrella for the season and spent a lot of time outside. We had our first meals on the deck, Lawson did some school classes outside sitting under the umbrella, and I found 30 minutes to read The Midnight Library (love it so far).

This weekend Lawson has a soccer game on Saturday, Jim is golfing in the afternoon, and we’ll be hunting for Easter eggs on Sunday morning. I’d like to fit in a longer run on Saturday morning. Spring feels so hopeful, especially this year. 


On Monday we went to the park and made some new friends. One of the girls was 1.5 years old. Without anyone asking him, Lawson held her hand and helped her down the hill and stayed with her as the little girl tried to keep up with her sister and Sybil. More than most anything else, I want Lawson and Sybil to be kind. And in that moment, I felt like I must be doing something right as his mother.


No low point to report this week. Woohoo!

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