Weekend Roundup: No. 302

Hello, hello! We have had a quintessential summer week full of activities. Art and swim lessons, lunch outside at a favorite restaurant, morning spent at the pool, picnic snack and lunch breaks. Now we’re relaxing on a rainy afternoon. I want to make the most of every day this summer and this week I feel like I’ve done it. 

Anyone else getting excited for the Summer Olympics next month? While it isn’t the first Olympics for Lawson or Sybil, it’s the first they understand and might remember. We’ve been watching the Olympic Trials in swimming and track and field (the shot put was a big draw). 

We are pretty excited to watch gymnastics this weekend. If you’re a fan of Simone Biles (who isn’t??), you might enjoy this Glamour interview with her. 

This weekend we’re somewhat shockingly free of any plans, which has been quite nice. Lawson and I took a long walk on Friday morning. We spent Saturday morning grabbing croissants, walking around a small downtown area, and having a light lunch at a nearby golf course. All before making it back home with 10 minutes to spare before the afternoon rain started.

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