Weekend Roundup: No. 178

Weekend in Santa Monica

Does anyone else especially like February because it’s 28 days versus 30 or 31 days in every other month? No, just me? Maybe it’s my fascination with numbers.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a good month. Even though I prefer the summer games, I’m looking forward to the Olympics next week. I’m starting Whole30 on Monday. While I expect it will be challenging, I’m up for it. My biggest fear is we’ll all be hangry at the same time, but I guess that happens now anyway!

My parents were visiting and went home on Monday. It was nice to have them here. I enjoyed lots of time by myself – writing at the coffee shop, getting a manicure and pedicure. The rest of the week was filled with our usual activities…park, bookstore, playing school, late afternoons outside. Lawson got a scooter for Christmas and is getting really good at it.

We’re heading to the beach this morning to kick off the weekend. On Sunday we’ll be wearing green to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles (Jim’s hometown team) in the Super Bowl. Or at least Lawson and Jim will be. The girls in the house don’t own green.

Have a great weekend friends. Go Eagles!



On Sunday I crossed a big item off my 101 in 1001 list. I got my first tattoo! I shared a photo on Instagram Stories. If you missed it, I picked something small and simple. Three dots for my three luvs. I had been talking about it for the past few years, but then I was busy with pregnancies and breastfeeding. So when my parents were here, Jim and I snuck out of the house. I was nervous and had the sweatiest palms. But I haven’t regretted it once! Lawson noticed it the other day and told me to take it off. And then he grabbed a pen and tried to add more dots. :)


I was lying on the floor with Sybil the other night when out of the corner of my eye I see Lawson running towards us. I tried to shield both of us, but my neck took the brunt of him and has been sore ever since.


It seems like everywhere I looked the past few months, I saw someone wearing this sweater blazer. It was excluded from their promos, but finally went on sale. I was shocked to see it an additional 50% off making it less than $52! I ordered the black in an xxs (I’m usually between an xs and xxs but some of the reviews said it ran big). I didn’t want to pay shipping fees so I had it shipped to my local store, but saw they had a free shipping promo yesterday. I told you I’m a bargain shopper at heart!



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