What I Wore: No. 27

I’m back with another edition of real outfits I’ve been wearing. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been helpful for me to get dressed in something other than leggings. I feel like a better version of myself. Getting dressed in “real” clothes signals that it’s time for our day to start.

When I put these posts together, there are oftentimes a few themes that emerge. The first is how much I’ve been wearing the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots on those occasions when I actually leave the house. They are an investment, but one I’ve found stands the test of time.

The other theme is consistency – my outfits are definitely consistent. I wore some version of a black turtleneck top, jeans and sneakers 3x in the past few weeks. At least for me, simple (or maybe classic?) is almost always best.

The third theme is how much I’ve been into pairing a turtleneck with a cardigan or jacket. It’s perfect for cooler days spent mostly inside.

sweater (old) // jeans // boots // jacket (similar)
sweater (old) // jacket // jeans // boots // bag // strap

I’m a big fan of One/Third. Their jackets are really well made. I randomly found jacket 05 when I was searching Poshmark one day. It’s linen so more of a spring/summer layer, but I love it over a sweater too.

fleece in Terry // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap
shirt // sweater // jeans // boots // bag // strap
shirt // sweater // jeans // boots // bag // strap
shirt // scarf (old) // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap

With the self timer in one hand, also keeping an eye on my kids and whatever they were doing on the stairs. A scarf is an easy way to add dimension, color and texture to an outfit. I had forgotten about mine, but remembered to pull it out this day.

shirt // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap

This outfit isn’t groundbreaking, but I love it anyway.

fleece in Terry // jacket // jeans // sneakers // hat // bag // strap

Very bundled up for a morning at the park. Ever since my family was here, I’ve made it a priority for us to get outside every day for 20 minutes. Even when the kids complain and our noses gets cold. It has been hugely helpful in my mental state.

fleece in Terry // shirt // joggers // socks // sneakers // bag // strap

There are definitely days when I don’t feel like putting on jeans. This day was one of them – my favorite joggers were a good substitute. I found these socks on sale at a local boutique and couldn’t pass them up (they say “I am a Voter”). Volunteering for campaigns and speaking out about politics is one of my highlights of 2020.

shirt // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap
shirt // jeans // sandals // bag // strap

If I look a little off kilter in this photo it’s because I am! I am almost falling over. I broke out the new striped shirt I got for Christmas (thank you Zack and Darby) on this 60 degree day.

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