Holiday Family Photos – Our Outfits

We’re taking our family holiday photos on Friday. I was torn between two different clothing options for us and put it to a vote on Instagram last week. Deciding what to wear for family photos can be stressful. Since I did all the work putting these together for us anyway, I thought I’d share what to wear for family holiday photos in case someone else finds it helpful!

What to Wear for Holiday Family Photos

The first option is a white and navy color theme. Since she can be picky about the way her clothing feels, I started with Sybil’s sweater because I know it’s something she loves and then built everyone’s outfit around it.

We have a lot of navy and grey in our wardrobes so it was pretty easy to put these outfits together. I love that it gives me an excuse to wear my gorgeous pleated midi skirt again. I feel like these outfits are very “us”, albeit a slightly elevated version for Sybil and me.

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas

MOM: sweater // skirt // necklace (similar) // shoes
DAD: shirt // sweater // jeans // shoes
BOY: shirt // sweater // jeans // shoes
GIRL: sweater // skirt // tights // shoes

Option #2 is also built around Sybil’s outfit. I initially bought the leopard dress for Thanksgiving (she wore it for her school photos too), but it could just as easily work for our holiday family photos.

My outfit is one I wore recently. I talked about the jacket on Instagram, but it reminds me of my grandmother which is kind of special. And I like that I could take it off for some photos too.

I included multiple shoe options for both Sybil and myself in the collage below. I *think* I’d wear the leopard mules to coordinate with Sybil’s dress and she’d wear the black rainboots. She likes them better than her sneakers.

For Jim, I wanted to bring in another color with his burgundy sweater. Lawson did not have great options for this color scheme. He didn’t have anything black or burgundy and I had to order the sweater for him from Old Navy. Fingers crossed it arrives in time or we’ll be wearing the blue/navy color scheme!

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas

MOM: sweater // jacket //  jeans // OTK boots // booties // mules
DAD: shirt // sweater // jeans // shoes
BOY: shirt // sweater // jeans // shoes
GIRL: shirt // dress // tights // boots // sneakers

The black/cream/burgundy was the clear winner on Instagram. Which one is your favorite?

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