Weekend Roundup

Winter Wonderland


If you follow along on Instagram, you might know we traded the sunshine of Arizona for the snow and cold on the east coast. After a flight delay on Thursday, we made it to spend a couple of days with Jim’s sister and their new baby before all heading to his mom’s in Pennsylvania for the week. Yesterday morning we woke up to big, thick snowflakes coming down. It was a winter wonderland! Lawson was interested until they started flying in his face. Luckily we snapped this cute photo together before heading back inside.


On our flight here Lawson’s ears were bothering him on the descent. I told him to use his pacifier and then his water bottle to help pop his ears. He didn’t quite understand how they were supposed to help with the pain in his ears and instead tried putting them into his ears. That kid cracks me up.


I hope this doesn’t jinx it, but Sybil may have finally turned the corner. Although she still isn’t a great sleeper, she’s more predictable. She wakes up twice in a 10-hour stretch. If we can limit that to one wake-up, it will feel like a dream!


I’m layering my Patagonia sweater and Nau jacket (similar here) to keep warm. I may have been born and raised for 25+ years in Minnesota, but I’m officially an Arizona lightweight now.


Have you seen the animated short film, Piper? It won the Academy Award this year. I downloaded it for Lawson and I’m not sure which one of us likes it more. It’s the cutest 6 minutes I’ve seen in quite some time.


In honor of International Women’s Day, I shared six local Arizona mamas on Instagram that inspire me. Social media can get a bad rap at times, but it truly has helped me navigate these early stages of motherhood. Knowing I’m not alone in both my highs and lows is so helpful. I’m planning to share more communities that have been helpful to me over the past two years in case anyone else would find it useful.


On Monday I shared some spring favorites, including a BR shirtdress. The next day I saw this scallop shirtdress that I might like even better! It comes in blue and white. I’m having a hard time deciding which one to order. It’s their friends and family weekend; use promo code BRFAMILY for 50% off up to 5 items!


Last, but not least, outfit posts are back starting with this navy blazer and grey boots combo. I’m already planning on wearing it again sometime soon.


What are you up to this weekend? If you’re anywhere other than the west coast, stay warm!



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