5 Ways to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy



Now that I’m out of the pregnancy stage, I’ve been reflecting on the items that kept me sane throughout those 9 long months. I’ve come up with 5 ways to stay comfortable during pregnancy.

  1. Blanqi Support Wear – Pregnancy brings all sorts of aches and pains I didn’t know existed. The extra weight from that sweet growing baby does a number on your back. My Blanqi support tank, leggings and belly band have been a lifesaver. I immediately feel comfort from the moment I put them on, especially the tank. I wear the leggings almost daily. They’re perfect for traveling, working out and everything in between. My only regret is I didn’t discover Blanqi during my first pregnancy!
  2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm – If you’re lucky enough to make it through pregnancy without developing the dreaded hemorrhoids, I’m jealous. I was prepared for the possibility of stretch marks and swollen feet, but I had no idea hemorrhoids were a common side effect of pregnancy. This bottom balm has literally saved my bottom.
  3. Body/Extra Pillows – During my first pregnancy, I slept with a body pillow. While sleep is hard to come by in the later stages of pregnancy, a body pillow was a huge help to staying comfortable throughout the night. After I had my son, I got rid of that pillow so fast. I think it symbolized all the restless nights. This pregnancy I’m hoarding our king-size pillows and using one beneath my belly. So far, so good.
  4. Belly Moisturizer – All that stretching skin can be quite itchy. I’ve used fancy lotions, but my favorite is a simple mix of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender and frankincense essential oils. It feels and smells lovely and I’ve got my fingers crossed it removes stretch marks! These 10 amazing health benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy are an added bonus.
  5. Supportive Shoes – While I love to throw on my wedge sandals every now and again, now is not the time for non-supportive, sky high shoes. For cooler months, I lived in a pair of Nike sneakers. There are so many cute color options right now that you can’t go wrong. This summer, I’m wearing Birkenstock’s non-stop. 15 years ago I swore I would never get another pair, but I couldn’t find another slip-on sandal that was as supportive. Luckily their style has evolved and I truly love wearing them.


I hope this list is helpful to you or someone you know!



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