What I Bought in April

What I bought in April 2023 This month definitely brought more purchases as I rounded out Lawson and Sybil’s spring and summer clothing options. It seems at least one of them has grown enough to need new shorts, shirts, pajamas,…

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What I Bought in March

There is a definite uptick in purchases this month with Lawson’s birthday and Easter in early April. I am proud that I remained diligent with items for myself and really love the 3 things I got.  What I Bought in…

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Reading List: No. 21

I read 3 books in March. One standout and the other two were quality books I’d recommend for a fun read. I’m up to 11 books for the year. Next up is The Lonely Hearts Book Club, which I had preordered…

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Easter Basket Ideas

This year we’re spending Easter with family. The kids and their cousins are getting one big basket filled with an assortment of sweet treats and other fun items. Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 01. Birkenstock Arizona sandals: A pair of…

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