What I Bought in June

Halfway through June I decided to put my spending on hold for a month. I felt like a 30-day reset would be good for us (and our budget). We’re really trying to incentive the kids to help about the house.…

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Haldi Skin Review

Haldi Skin Review I’ve been using Haldi for almost 9 months now. I think it is such a wonderful concept and want to spread the word about my experience with it.  Haldi builds custom skincare routines one customer at a…

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My Everyday Jewelry

My Everyday Jewelry Necklaces: Maya Brenner Initial: Jim gifted me this initial necklace when Sybil was born (a “push present” if you will). It’s one of my most treasured possessions. I’ve worn it all but a handful of days since…

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What I Bought in May

What I bought in May Monogrammed Notepad: After running out of pages in my last notepad, I ordered this monogrammed version. It’s a happy spot on my desk. (I did the sky color with cherry background.) Personalized Notecards: These notecards…

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