2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Books

2019 Holiday Gift Guides: BooksI was initially planning on including books for toddlers in this gift guide, but I had so many good ideas that I had to break it out between adults and kids! I love reading and gifting books to others.

If you want to go the subscription route, I’ve gifted a Book of the Month subscription several times. It’s easy and the recipient gets to pick from a selection of books each month. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

While the majority of the book ideas below are on my wish list too, I’ve read a handful of them and have thoughtfully researched every single book on this gift guide. These are some of the best books of 2019 according to yours truly.

I’ve marked the books I’ve read with an asterisk. Also, check out all of my past reading lists for additional book ideas!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Books

ONE // City of Girls: City of Girls is on several best of 2019 lists. While Elizabeth Gilbert is likely most known for Eat, Pray, Love, City of Girls is a close runner up.

TWO // Save Me the Plums*: Ruth Reichl’s memoir from her decade as the editor in chief of Gourmet magazine almost made me want to be a foodie. It’s a fascinating look at the magazine industry and her descriptions of food are beautiful.

THREE // Fair Play: This book promises a time-saving way to divvy up domestic responsibilities. Count me in.

FOUR // Dear Girls: Have you seen Ali Wong’s standup routine about all things pregnancy and motherhood? It’s hilarious. Based on the reviews, this book sounds like it’s just as funny.

FIVE // Simple Cake*: The cookbook that made baking cakes easy. I am so in love with this book that I dedicated an entire post to my review of it.

SIX // No Crumbs Left*: When I asked my friend for Whole30 recipes, she pointed me to No Crumbs Left. I checked it out from the library and immediately flagged a bunch of recipes to try. This would be great for anyone on your list that is into healthier eating.

SEVEN // Super Simple*: The latest cookbook from Half Baked Harvest is also the best IMO. I own the original Half Baked Harvest cookbook as well, but find the recipes in Super Simple much easier to throw together. Highly recommend the autumn ingredient salad.

EIGHT // The Boys in the Boat: I gifted this to my dad several years ago and was recently reminded of it when it was mentioned on a recent podcast. My dad rated it “an outstanding read” which is pretty high praise.

NINE // Know My Name: Both Hitha and Carly have deemed Know My Name as the best and most important book they’ve read in 2019.

TEN // Get a Life, Chloe Brown: A sweet story about a chronically ill woman that makes a list of 7 items to help her get a life. Grace describes it as a sweet romance with a side of steamy sex.

ELEVEN // The Only Plane in the Sky: A story about 9/11 from the people that lived it. I haven’t read a book about 9/11, but this will be my first.

TWELVE // Running with the Buffaloes: Following the University of Colorado cross country team through the 1998 season as they chase a national championship (pun intended).

THIRTEEN // Smartcuts: The lone business book on my list, Smartcuts details the reasons people achieve incredible things in a short timeframe.

FOURTEEN // Once More We Saw Stars*: I’m in the middle of reading this memoir by the father of a two year old that dies in a tragic accident. It is as sad and devastating as it sounds, but it’s also a beautiful story of love.

FIFTEEN // Twice in a Blue Moon: I’m a big fan of Christina Lauren (Love and Other Words is one of the top 3 books I read last year). Twice in a Blue Moon is the most recent release from the co-authors. It’s currently on my nightstand to read after I finish Once More We Saw Stars.

I truly enjoy putting these gift guides to share with you all. I earn a small commission on purchases you make through my blog links. The price is the same for you either way. It works whether you buy what I linked to or other things. It makes my heart swell every single time I see a purchase has been made (no, I can’t tell who purchased, only that a purchase was made from a link). Thank you for your support!

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