2019: Blog Year in Review

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2019 Blog Year in Review

Before I jump into 2020, I wanted to take one last look back on 2019 in relation to my little spot on the Internet. Writing this blog year in review forces me to spend time digging into my site analytics both through Google Analytics and rewardStyle, the affiliate program I am a part of. 

Overall, it’s been a good year. I’m proud of the content I published, especially my holiday gift guides and a couple of product review posts. I no longer feel guilty if I don’t write 3 posts a week. Sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don’t (usually when I’m in the midst of a reading spree or a string of toddler induced sleepless nights). 

Although I stopped setting goals for my blog a couple of years ago, I do feel a sense of pride when certain posts perform really well or get a lovely comment or see that someone has purchased a product I truly love. 

Spring Reading List

The Numbers

In 2019, I published 113 blog posts, which is an increase of 14 from 2018. Since most of my writing occurs before 7am or after 7pm, I’m pretty proud of myself for continuing to nurture this hobby of mine. 

My monthly posts ranged from a low of 5 in April to a high of 13 in October and December. April is a busy month with Lawson and Jim’s birthdays so that isn’t too surprising. In October, I started publishing my outfits from the week on Saturday or Sunday. It makes sense the following months were higher in posts since I added another one each week (+ gift guides in November/December). I’d like to be more consistent in 2020, but who knows. 

Another metric I review is page views and unique visitors. Both continued to increase in 2019; page views by 17% to 51,745 and unique visitors by 24% or 12,663. This is driven a lot by a handful of posts from prior years that do well on Pinterest, as well as common motherhood topics that I post about in mom groups on Facebook.  

Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody Review

Top 5 Blog Posts – Overall

This is the first year since putting an “annual report” together that my pregnancy posts don’t rank in the top 5 overall posts, regardless of the year published. They weren’t far behind these top five posts though. 

ONE // How to Pack for a Beach Vacation: This post from 2014 was viewed over 10,000 times last year and continues to be the most popular post for the 4th year in a row. It’s on my list of posts to update. I’d like to refresh the graphic and make sure all the links reference to products that are available today. It’s funny how certain posts can take off. 

TWO // Hospital Bag: I feel like people are always asking what to pack in their hospital bag. Since I had two c-sections, I put together my hospital bag list with that in mind. I think that’s helped in organic searches.

THREE // The Only 6 Shoes Every Guy Needs: I was super surprised to see this post rank in the top 5. I rarely dedicate posts to men’s style. This one was published in 2017 after Jim came home from work with the idea. Turns out he was on to something! 

FOUR // Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody: I am really proud of this post. Clearly it’s found a following since it was published in July 2019 and made the top 5. When I was looking at buying the Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody, I searched online for reviews and couldn’t find many, which is surprising because the bag is a bestseller. I hope others have found it helpful!

 FIVE // Uppababy Vista Double Stroller Review: The search for the perfect stroller is overwhelming. They are expensive and people have strong feelings about which is best. The Uppababy Vista is a popular choice for a double stroller, which is how I used it for over two years. In my quest to create content that is helpful, I wrote a review of my experience. 

Holiday Family Photos

Top 5 Blog Posts – 2019

ONE // Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody: Of course since this post landed on the top 5 overall list, it makes sense it’s #1 for the year. 

TWO // Holiday Gift Guide – Investment Pieces: I was surprised to find the investment pieces gift guide was one of my most popular posts of the year, especially since it was published in mid-November. It was viewed 3x more than the next most popular gift guide – gifts under $50. It’s a mystery why people liked it so much more, but I’ll take it.

THREE // A Complete List of My Shoe Inventory: This post made me happy. It combines a lot of favorites – a good list, shoes, a minimalistic lifestyle (although at 24 pairs, I own more shoes than I thought). I bought one pair of shoes in 2019 and got another pair as a Christmas gift so it’s time for an update. 

FOUR // Spring Reading List: I love to read and share my recommendations with others so the fact one of my quarterly reading lists made the top 5 is great. You can find all my reading lists here. 

FIVE // The Best Fleece: A year later and I still stand by my review of the Dudley Stephens fleece as the best fleece I’ve owned. It is soft and warm, everything a good fleece should be.

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Most Popular Products

The following products landed atop the most popular list either through the number of clicks or purchases. I belong to an affiliate program called rewardStyle. That means for certain links I earn a small commission, usually 7-10%, if someone makes a purchase. Not all products I mention are included in the affiliate program, but a lot of them are.

ONE // Everlane Cashmere Sweater: These sweaters are an investment at $100, but I wear at least two of them every week in the winter. They are worth every penny. An Everlane cashmere sweater (layered over a tank for extra warmth), jeans and shoes (boots, sneakers, loafers, basically any pair of shoes) is pretty much my winter uniform.

TWO // Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody Tote: This tote makes the list for good reason. It’s one of the top 3 items I purchased in 2019. I use it daily.  

THREE // Leopard Mock Neck Short Sleeve Dress: This dress was part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. The anniversary sale is a fan favorite event. Unfortunately this dress sold out in preview days and never came back in stock. 

FOUR // The Pastoso: I got my first pair of M. Gemi moccasins five years ago and added the Pastoso in grey two years later. They are my go to flat in spring and fall and are just as great on the playground as they are in the office. I would size up a half size. 

FIVE // J Crew Eyelet Flutter Sleeve Top: This shirt is from last year. I’m already stalking J. crews new arrivals to see if they bring back something similar this year. 

SIX // Maya Brenner Initial Necklace: Since this necklace is on almost every single gift guide I put together (Mother’s Day, Christmas) and my #1 recommendation for guys looking to splurge on a special gift, it makes sense it’s high on this list. 

SEVEN // Amazon Nightgown: Ahh, the Amazon nightgown that isn’t actually a nightgown. I love this dress and heard from so many of you that were ordering it too. At less than $30 with Prime shipping, it’s almost a no-brainer. It does run small in the chest so consider that when you’re deciding on size. 

EIGHT // Birkenstock Arizona sandal: I probably wear my Arizona Birkenstock sandals 150 days a year for the past four years. I recommend them to everyone. 

NINE // David Yurman Crossover Ring: I am surprised to see this ring on the list. Other than my Maya Brenner initial necklace, I don’t wear jewelry everyday but when I do I definitely put on this ring. It’s my “I’m not married and don’t have a wedding band but sometimes want to look like I do” ring. When I still worked in a corporate job, I’d buy myself something special with my annual bonus. This is the last of those special gifts, which makes it extra special. Gosh, sometimes I really miss making my own money. 

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this year in review as much as I did putting it together. THANK YOU for reading my posts, liking my photos on Instagram, and giving me advice on everything from book recommendations to toddler drama. You’re the best!

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