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I used to think I was pretty good at making decisions. I certainly like to plan and have plenty of opinions, but I struggle with making both little and big life decisions. Ask me what I’d like for lunch or dinner and most of the time my response is “I don’t care, what about you?” If I have a strong craving, which is rare, I’ll voice my opinion but most of the time I don’t have a preference. Last week I was at a restaurant for dinner and couldn’t decide what to order, which happens more often than not. I think I’m afraid of making the wrong decision and having buyer’s remorse.

Sometimes I worry about my lack of decision making ability. Am I paralyzed because there are so many choices? Am I missing out on life because I can’t make a decision? Not to mention I imagine it’s a little annoying for the other person when I can’t (and won’t) make a decision.

And those are all little decisions, which should be easier to make! Throw a big life event in there and be prepared to wait at least 3 months for a decision. And then listen to me re-think it for another 3 months!

I did some searching on the topic and found there are a lot of articles ready to give advice on how to make decisions.  After reading through many of them, I decided this one was my favorite. The author advises identifying your goal, setting standards, trying not to rush (for big decisions), and not sweating the small stuff. Honestly, most of the time I don’t even remember what I had to eat the previous day so there’s no point in stressing about it. I’m going to try to remember these tips next time I’m faced with a decision big or small!

Do you have trouble making decisions? Or do you go with your instinct every time?

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