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Election Results


Oh where to start today? I guess that it’s Friday. That’s always a reason to be happy. I’ll be honest, I’m still processing the election results. I lean on the liberal side of issues. Of course there’s part of me that wanted to see the first female President of the United States. How great would it have been to have a daughter just months before that highest glass ceiling was shattered?


However, I didn’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. I voted for her because I believe climate change is real and we need to save this planet for our children and their children. I believe everyone has a right to marry. I believe in a fair minimum wage and that all kids should have access to education. I also believe everyone should have access to healthcare.


I am saddened and at a loss for how a sexist, racist, misogynist with no public service experience was elected President. I’m scared of the country we’re living in. I truly want to understand why 52 million people voted for him. This blog post, why did you vote for trump?, is helpful to understanding other perspectives.


Just voting is no longer enough for me. I’m looking for ways to get involved, whether that’s financially supporting candidates that share my values, volunteering for causes I believe in or making changes within our house. I am determined to raise my kids in a place where #lovetrumpshate.


In our other news from this week, my mom has been visiting. I snuck out to get my hair cut and colored and then we left the kiddos with Jim for a couple of hours to get our nails done. Yesterday we had our first official photos as a family of four. I can’t wait to get them back! Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s relaxing and you have a chance to unplug a bit. I know I could use some time away from social media. You’ll find me cuddling with my babies!



Like I’m sure many of you, I’ve been reading a lot of articles this week. A couple of my favorites: how to channel your post-election anger, sadness and fear into action and a letter to America from leslie knope, regarding donald trump. We’re currently discussing the ways we want to channel our fear into action. If nothing else, the election results have spurred us to take action. Perhaps we were too complacent living in our bubble.


Now finally on to a less stressful topic. Banana Republic has some great winter coat options. This wool coat comes in camel and grey, both of which look gorgeous. I may or may not have picked up this faux fur cropped coat during their friends & family sale last week.




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