Gift Guide: For the Traveler

Gift Guide Best Ideas for Travelers

Today I’m sharing my next gift guide of the best ideas for the frequent traveler in your life. How genius is this luggage with a built in phone charger?! When I travel I always want a crossbody bag. It feels more secure and leaves my hands free for taking photos, eating and drinking, etc. Two of my girlfriends have the Madewell transport crossbody and love it (currently 25% off). Bonus points if you get it monogrammed!


It’s no secret that I love Cuyana’s #fewerbetter mantra. I included three of their items in this gift guide: the travel case set, cashmere scarf and jewelry case. I have the travel case set in blush and cashmere scarf in grey. I’m currently pining over the navy scarf. It is so pretty and would look great with a grey sweater.


I always carry a truffle clarity pouch with a few key essentials: travel size hand lotion, the lip balm that moisturizes better than anything I’ve ever used before, a dry shampoo that actually smells amazing and my travel charger (because I don’t have that luggage with a built in charger and my phone is always dying). I love the travel charger because it’s compact, delivers a full charge quickly and is less than $15.


They’re definitely a splurge, but my bose noise cancelling headphones have saved my sanity on more than one occasion. You literally cannot hear anything when you wear them. I’ve even used them at home when the kiddos are screaming. #badparent?


There’s something about staying in someone else’s home that makes me want to have cute pajamas. These lake pjs are on my wish list this year.


For a truly unique gift, I love the idea of creating a custom map of a location that is meaningful. Maybe your hometown, a special vacation you took together or where you got married.


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