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Top 5 Intentions: Update

IntentionsIt’s hard to believe 2 months of the year are already gone! At the beginning of 2014, I came up with 5 intentions for the year (read about them here). A key to sticking with my intentions is holding myself accountable and one way to do that is to report on my progress every couple of months. And because I like to rate things, I’ve given myself a letter grade to judge progress!

1. Eat breakfast: A

I’ve been really good starting off each day with a healthy breakfast. I have a few go-to healthy and quick items (see more here, here and here). I hope this is a habit that sticks!

2.  Grow blog: C+

I might be a little too hard on myself with this one as I always feel there’s more I could be doing to grow my little space on the web. I’m starting to figure out what works on different social media platforms. I did set a record for the most views per month in February, which I was really excited about. Thanks to all of you for reading! In the next 2 months, I’d like to do a guest post and create a media kit, as well as continue to increase the number of views each month.

3.  Improve posture: D

I wish I could say I’ve done more to improve my posture. There are definitely moments throughout the day that I remember this intention and adjust my posture, but it isn’t something I’ve actively worked on. I’d like to figure out a way to truly improve my posture as it’s something I’ve had on my list of intentions for a few years running. Maybe more yoga? Any suggestions?

4.  Be active: A

I’ve been pretty good at staying active with the marathon and then Ragnar del Sol. I even managed to fit in cycling to the top of South Mountain for the first time ever! This will be a little harder over the coming months since I’m not actively training for anything. I do so much better with a schedule!

5.  Choose happiness: B-

I haven’t been horrible here, but I could definitely do better. There are so many reasons for me to be happy. I really do have a great life. The little things that don’t go my way can be frustrating and I can let them get the better of me. Why is it sometimes so hard to concentrate on the good instead of the not so good?!


Do you have any intentions for this year? If so, are you still on track or is it a mixed bag like mine?!


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  1. Ben wrote:

    My co-worker just got a “stand-up desk” as she was having problems with her sciatic nerve. It looks pretty cool and she just stands and works all day. She can move her laptop down to a regular desk level when she gets tired of standing. Maybe something to consider to help you with your posture intention.

    Published 3.5.14