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Kale Chips

kale chips, healthy, snack


My friend, Heather, served kale chips at girl’s night a few months ago and I was hooked. This past weekend, I headed to her house to learn how to make them from her sister. It’s a quick and healthy afternoon snack!


Kale Chips
1 bunch of kale
Almond, grapeseed or avocado oil

Heat oven to 375. Wash and dry kale. Tear kale off of the center stalk. Generously coat a rimmed baking sheet with oil. Tear the kale into smaller pieces (around 2″) and place on the baking sheet. Keep adding until you have a large pile of kale on the baking sheet (it will reduce substantially when baked; we used two baking sheets for one bunch of kale). Using your hands, mix the kale and oil making sure to fully coat. Add salt and mix again. Place in oven for 7 minutes, then mix and continue baking for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. Add more salt to taste.


I’ll be honest, it’s a little bit of trial and error to get the right amount of oil and the timing down. Don’t be afraid to use a good amount of oil. For a spicier chip, add cayenne pepper.


kale chips, kale, healthy, snack

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  1. annie wrote:

    Gotta try!!!!!


    Published 9.24.14
  2. My friend recently brought along some kale chips to a party and I was hooked too. They’re so addictive! Will definitely have to try this recipe this weekend.

    Published 9.25.14
    • Erica \ Luv in the Bubble wrote:

      Let me know how it goes!

      Published 9.25.14