Refining My Style

Refining My Style


I’ve either been pregnant or dressing a newly post-baby body for most of the past three years. It’s been hard to get into a groove with my style and clothing during this time, especially since I’ve transitioned into staying home with Lawson and Sybil.

After having Sybil last fall, I couldn’t wait to get rid of all my maternity clothes. My closet was too full. I couldn’t see the items that I wanted to wear. There were pieces I hadn’t worn for 3 years. They were like new! I finally feel like I’ve refined my style to a point I’m comfortable and confident in most everything I own.

My body isn’t 100% back to my pre-baby weight, but I’m close enough that I fit into the majority of my normal clothes. My shape has changed though. I’m no longer comfortable in the fitted tees and tanks I used to wear. And I can button my jeans, but I wouldn’t call them comfortable. I’m balancing purchasing a few new items in a larger size with the hope I’ll fit into my old jeans after I’m able to consistently work out again.

These are the 4 steps I took for refining my style. If you’re struggling with your style, baby or not, they might be helpful to you too!

Go Through Your Closet Piece by Piece

Other than getting rid of my maternity clothes, I went through every piece in my closet one by one. I either donated or sold anything that 1) didn’t fit, 2) was worn or 3) was no longer in style. The biggest revelation of this process was the sheer amount of dresses I had. I couldn’t believe it!


Analyze What’s Left

This was truly eye opening for me. I knew I loved neutrals. My warm weather shirts are almost entirely white, grey and navy. My winter wardrobe is a little more diverse. It primarily consists of cream, navy and black. A few other fun facts: I wear a ton of grey tee shirts in the summer, but have very few grey items for winter. I am drawn to a pop of pink. Specifically hot pink. I love plaid, polka dots and stripes. All the stripes please!


Fill in the Gaps

After eliminating items, I could more clearly see where I needed to fill in gaps. Since we’re already into warmer weather in Arizona, I’m focusing on those items. A pair of white jeans, denim shorts, and loosely fitted shirts (tees, tanks and blouses).


Embrace Your Style

After reading The Curated Closet last fall and going through the above steps, I finally feel like I know exactly what I like and am sticking with it. For me it’s lots of neutrals in white, black, grey and blue with a pop of pink. Cotton, denim and chambray fabrics. Plaid, stripes and a few polka dots for patterns. I’m also relying on instinct. If I try something on, immediately feel great and it fits my style criteria, there’s a good chance it will end up in my closet. Similarly, it I try something on and don’t immediately feel it, I’m not trying to talk myself into it because everyone’s wearing it or it’s on sale.


How well do you know your style? Does it change over time?

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