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Snow Days

shirt: j crew // sweater: tuckernuck // jeans: citizens of humanity // boots: sorel // hat: j crew (similar) // sunglasses: warby parker // necklace: maya brenner // bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here) // ring: david yurman

These photos were taken a few weeks ago before we exchanged the leaves for snow! You can tell we’re newbies because it’s still exciting.

We woke up to 4 inches of snow on Monday morning. It kept snowing until mid-day. By the end we had 8 inches of light and fluffy snow!

Lawson LOVES to shovel. He basically begs to shovel as soon as he sees snow. We were out twice because he can’t quite wait until it stops snowing. He’s so eager and helpful that’s it’s hard to say no.

Sybil on the other hand hasn’t quite embraced the cold. The girl hates to wear socks, shoes or a jacket, which is a bit problematic when you live in Denver.

I was convinced I didn’t need a pair of boots when we moved here. I thought I’d get by with my Hunter rainboots. Ha! I was so wrong.

The day before the first big snowfall in October, I tried on the Sorel Slimpack boots. I immediately bought them and am so glad I did. I wear them multiple times a week, snow or no snow. My Sorel boots were a great addition to my shoe inventory, although now I’m up to 19 pairs of shoes which seems a little high. Good thing February is my month to purge!

Sorel Boots Sorel Boots Sorel Boots

photos by ana at rosemary & rye

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  1. Hena Tayeb wrote:

    My youngest is the same way.. he loves the snow.. we have gotten only a sprinkle of snow and my youngest is so disappointed.. he insisted on going out and playing even in the slight dusting of snow.


    Published 1.31.19