Summer Bucket List



Aren’t long summer weekends the best?! It was so nice to realize we had entire day left of the weekend on Sunday. We had a great mix of relaxation and crossing a few things off of our to do list, including one from my mommy and me summer bucket list with a trip to the Phoenix Zoo yesterday morning.


After being sick again last week, this time with a cold, I’m ready to tackle the week and get back into a routine after our recent travels. I try not to complain, but it is so hot here. Every day is around 110, which makes it a challenge to come up with activities to do with Lawson that don’t leave us both melting. With a little over 7 weeks until this baby arrives, I have a strong desire to make the most of my time with my little boy and came up with a bucket list of things for us to do. A lot of them are new to us and most are indoors. Lawson is at such a fun age and I’m excited to experience a few new things together before he has to share my attention with his little sister.



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