Happy Thanksgiving friends! We’re hosting Jim’s family and prepping all of the traditional turkey day eats. I’m overwhelmed and there’s only 5 of us plus 2 toddlers. I can’t imagine the stress in hosting 20+ people! Regardless of whether or not everything is done at the same time, the turkey is dry, etc, we’re excited to spend the day together. Since we moved from Arizona, we don’t see them nearly enough!

There are certainly days when I don’t focus on how lucky I am nearly enough. Today I am extra thankful for…

  1. Family, especially all the visits to our new home in Colorado the past few months
  2. Health
  3. Taking a chance on Colorado and renting a house sight unseen (it worked out!)
  4. First snowfalls of the season
  5. Good friends, especially my girl’s night crew that I can’t wait to see next month
  6. Running
  7. The friendliest neighbors that made us feel welcome in a new place
  8. Jim’s hand me down Apple Watch and Air Pods
  9. Sweet Martha’s frozen chocolate chip cookies (I make 2 every night after the kids go to bed)
  10. The 3 people in this photo that mean more to me than anything else

Have a safe and fun day with family and friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with Black Friday finds. Gobble, gobble!

photo by Nicki Sebastian

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