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Travel 10

When Mackenzie posted about the 10 places she’d like to travel a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to put together my own list. A mix of places I’ve never been and old favorites I’d like to return to.


Banff National Park

1. Banff National Park

Clear, blue/turquoise water gets me every time. Every photo I’ve seen of Banff is beautiful. I’d love to explore the area hiking and out on that water.


PCH Road Trip

2. Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

I’ve always been fascinated with a road trip along Pacific Coast Highway between LA and San Francisco. Road trips can be a lot of fun and what better place than along the coast of California?



3. Santorini

Although we visited Athens and the area around Pilos, Greece a few years ago, I really want to visit one of the islands. Santorini is my top choice; the white buildings against the blue water are stunning.



4. Maui

Fortunately we’ll be visiting Maui in December for a week of relaxation. Although I’ve been before, I’m excited to return. Relaxing on the beach, eating fresh pineapple and fish, and sipping frozen cocktails are all in my not so distant future.


Zion National Park

5. Zion National Park

We camped in Zion National Park a few years ago and it remains one of my favorite vacations. The views are amazing. I’d love to return and hike The Narrows, a route that requires you to get wet.



6. Patagonia

After watching a documentary about Patagonia a few years ago (180 South), I fell in love with the area and added it to my travel wish list. The mix of mountains and water, activity and relaxation can’t be beat.


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7. Charleston

I met Annie at Alt Summit in June and have been following her on Instagram ever since. She posts the best photos of Charleston, which make me want to visit more and more every day!



8. Maldives

Doesn’t everyone want to stay in a hut over the water once in their life? For mine, I’d choose the Maldives. As the lowest country in terms of elevation, experts predict the islands will cease to exist in the future. It would be great to visit before that happens.

Havasu Falls


9. Havasupai Falls

Havasupai Falls is the beauty that awaits after an 11 mile hike down the Grand Canyon. I didn’t even know it existed until I heard some friends talking about it a few years ago. Although the hike would be strenuous, the reward would be well worth it.

australia (42)

10. Australia

Australia is a big country so I’d need to narrow it down a bit, but I’d love to spend two weeks traveling around. The hiking opportunities combined with sightseeing some of the major cities sounds like a perfect balance to me.

Some of my favorite places I’ve visited include Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Napa, and Maine. What’s on your travel wish list?

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  1. annie wrote:

    We would love to have you here in Charleston – it’s even more beautiful in person! xoxo

    Published 10.20.14
  2. I live in Melbourne so I have to agree with your Australia pick lol. However, if you love nature and outdoor activities then I’d also add New Zealand to the list. It truly is an amazing place! x

    Published 10.26.14