Valentine’s Day Roundup


I’ve mentioned it last year, but before having kids I wasn’t a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Jim and I don’t exchange gifts or do anything special other than use it as a reason to spend a little extra time together that evening.

Fast forward to life with two kids…I still keep it low-key, but I do like to get Lawson and Sybil a couple of small gifts along with a little love letter. I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids. There are more ideas in the widget below and the Valentine’s Day section of my shop page (just select “Valentine’s Day” on the lefthand side).

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

BOOKS // If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know books are my favorite gifts to give. Last year we gave Lawson and Sybil In My Heart, which is still one of our favorite books. I’m not the best teacher and In My Heart has helped me explain feelings to my kiddos.

L&S also got Words and Your Heart last year. After reading holiday books for the last 6 weeks, it’s been a refreshing read. The frontrunner for their book gift this year is Love Is…it gets wonderful reviews and looks beautiful.

CLOTHING // A friend’s son is obsessed with diggers. Really, what kid isn’t? When I saw this shirt, I immediately thought of him. I dig it (ha, sorry, couldn’t resist!). I’m generally steer clear of Disney merchandise, but I saw this dress and thought it was adorable.

These pajamas would work all through spring, summer and into fall and these pajamas are a splurge, but you could get a matching pair for momma! If we still lived in LA or Arizona, I’d get this sweet swimsuit for Sybil. Lastly, I’d wear this sweatshirt if it came in adult sizes.

TOYS // Lawson and Sybil got these light up cubes for the bathtub for Christmas and they’ve been a HUGE hit. They both have a pair of these sunglasses. We can’t leave home without them.

Okay, so this is maybe more of a gift for momma, but this 8-free nail polish comes in the prettiest shade of pink. It’s safe enough for you and your mini me!

I’m all about mixing in practical gifts. L&S are ready to graduate from their plastic utensils to this set (Lawson has been all about cutting his food recently).

Lawson got a set of these Melissa & Dough mini puzzles for Christmas and they’ve kept him occupied for hours.

I love this Pinhole Press photo matching game. I’ve currently got one sitting in my online cart filled with photos from our beach shoot last summer.

Last, but not least, this adorable little unicorn. Because what little one wouldn’t like another stuffed animal to add to their collection.


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