Wardrobe Essentials: Black Distressed Jeans

black distressed jeans


night out: shirt (only $30!); jeans; heels
casual: shirt; belt; jeans; sandals (or these from Target)
work: sweater; jacket; jeans; boots


Distressed jeans of all types are here to stay. If your wardrobe is built up, consider adding a pair of black distressed jeans to your repertoire. While they might not be essential to your wardrobe, they are a great piece to add, especially at a lower price point.


I must be craving off-white shirts lately. I didn’t realize I had chosen a version of it for each of the three ways to wear distressed jeans until I was putting it together. If off-white isn’t your thing, grey is another great option to pair with black jeans (like this white and grey striped tee).

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