Weekend Roundup

Baby Announcement for Little Girl


Welcome to April! My April’s Fools Day jokes peaked several years ago when some co-workers and I pranked our boss with mass resignations. We spanned various time zones and had it all planned out. Everything was going great until she start telling her boss. Luckily (maybe?), we had told HR our plan and he told her the truth. She decided to turn it around on us and I found myself trying to convince her why my position shouldn’t be eliminated! I’ve never pranked anyone again. :)


We’re headed to Palm Springs this weekend for a little getaway. I have no idea how Lawson will handle a 5-hour road trip. Wish us luck! (And follow along on Snapchat to find out how it goes – I’m at erica.kartak) Have a great weekend!!



Pregnant or not, my J. Crew chambray shirt is the most worn item in my closet and comes along on every trip I take. I wear it with jeans, shorts or over a dress. With a cute tank underneath or as an extra layer under a sweater when it’s cold. Lately I’ve found myself wearing it over a navy or grey/white striped tank with my white skinny jeans. A quick and easy outfit!


My friends, Allison and Bryce, have a precious 1 year old boy that was born with spina bifida. Through a lot of ups and downs, they have remained so positive and seem to always choose joy over despair. Allison blogs sporadically and recently wrote a post on 12 Things You Can Say to a Special Needs Parent. I loved her thoughtful advice and think it can apply to many other situations as well.


I can hardly believe it, but my little guy turns 1 next weekend! We’re keeping it small with just family. Lawson won’t have any idea what’s going on, but I still want to make it special for him. Jim and I love camping and it’s a priority for us to pass it along to Lawson as well. So I settled on a camping adventure theme. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I’ve been filling up my little luvs board with lots of ideas.


photo by heather stubenrauch

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