Weekend Roundup

Baby Essentials


Less than 4 weeks to go! My feelings go back and forth between excitement and anxiety. How can I be so unprepared for her arrival?! What will Lawson be like the first time he meets her? Will she be healthy? Did we pick the right name for her? We’ve got a big Amazon order to place this weekend for the remaining stuff we need (car seat, mattress, etc.) and a hospital bag to pack. Then I’ll feel more prepared. Our days tend to fly by and I know the next 4 weeks will too.


This week was pretty low-key. Between doctor appointments and trying to stay cool, we didn’t do much. Some exciting new…Lawson graduated from level 1 swim. Gone is our little tadpole, we’ve got a minnow in the house now! The classes are basically the same, but it’s fun to watch him progress. He even got a certificate and his photo taken!


Have a great weekend!



Alright, I’ve mentioned the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so much lately that even I’m a little sick of it. But I did get all my packages and wanted to share what I’ve bought and kept. In the end, I kept 7 items (you can also see them below): these distressed AG jeans, a pair of Frame jeans that are sold out, Rails plaid shirt, black Pleione blouse, navy Topshop pleated midi skirt, Natori bra and a pair of Bonobos pants for Jim. Keep in mind I can’t actually try on any of these items, but I have similar items that I love or they get great reviews so I felt comfortable keeping them. That and Nordstrom has an awesome return policy. If I find something doesn’t fit post-baby, I know I’ll be able to return it.



Michelle Obama has had quite the week. Between her carpool karaoke session with James Corden and her speech at the DNC, she’s on fire.



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