Weekend Roundup

Weekend at Lake Pleasant


Monday, the beginning of another week. To be honest, I forget what day it is half the time. As my girlfriend reminded me, sleep deprivation is a form of torture. The struggle is real. Case in point…this post I meant to publish on Friday. My days are consumed with nursing Sybil, changing her and trying to spend more time with Lawson. Any time I’m not doing one of those things, I choose sleep. Always.


I had my 2-week checkup last Thursday. My incision is healing well. I still had some swelling in my ankles and feet, but that’s finally gone now too. I was given the okay to drive and lift Lawson. I’m slowly getting back to normal. Now if Ronnie the fibroid would start shrinking…


We did manage to get out of the house last week with an afternoon picnic at Lake Pleasant and a drive to Payson in search of cooler weather. Lawson was so cute sitting at the picnic table eating his sandwich. Having a newborn really puts into perspective how much he’s a big boy now!



I’ve been stalking this chambray popover from J. Crew for weeks and it’s finally on sale plus an additional 30% off through today. M.Gemi has come out with some new shoes the past few weeks that I’m really loving, including these flats that would be perfect for work (and are so pretty in blue). To shop my favorites and get $40 off your first purchase, head this way


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