Weekend Roundup

Fall Weekend


Every day I think to myself this little guy of mine can’t possibly get any cuter. I sure love him something fierce.


This week was a series of highs and lows. Jim started a 5-week paternity leave. It’s been great to have him around each day to tag team these kiddos. I even snuck away to a coffee shop for a couple of hours the other day!


On the low side, Jim is taking a quick 48 hour trip and the contrast to solo parenting was dramatic. Yesterday, both kids woke up early, napped for less than usual and were a mess at bedtime. Throw in the beginnings of a cold for me and we were all running low on energy and patience. Poor Sybil only napped for 90 minutes total. For some reason, sleep is my biggest stressor as a parent. I definitely felt like I failed her. Today is a new day!


Seeing as though I never get as much done as I’d like, this weekend will be spent playing catch up. Sybil and I have a date with my friend tomorrow. We’re both looking forward to it! Donuts and a long walk have become our Sunday family tradition and then my mom arrives on Sunday night for the week. I’m so looking forward to having her here. Having my own kids has made me appreciate her more than I thought possible.


Happiest of birthdays to my mom (yesterday) and brother (tomorrow)!



After seeing Stan Smith’s pop up everywhere this summer, I debated purchasing a pair of my own. They’re perfect for my everyday life, but I worried they were too trendy. Needless to say, I bought them and will be wearing them all fall. With our mild Arizona winters, I think I’ll be able to wear them year-round. And they’re only $75!



You may have seen the salad we had for dinner the other night on Instagram Stories. I’m not normally a huge salad fan, but the massaged kale and roasted sweet potato quinoa salad from Savor Home was truly tasty. I roasted some salmon along with the sweet potatoes to throw on top. It was so good, I had the leftovers the following night with chicken.



I quit my job in accounting a couple of years ago in search of something I was more passionate about. Maybe I need to reconsider after reading the best jobs for every personality type (I’m an ISTJ).



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