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Weekend Roundup

Weekend in Scottsdale


Hello, hello Friday, it’s good to see you again! Wow, this single parenting gig is tough. Thank goodness Jim comes home on the weekends. Add in packing for a move and my days are FULL! Lawson and Sybil have been great though. We’ve had a good mix of getting out of the house and other time when they play together so I can get a box packed here and there.


Last week I met a friend for drinks. I hadn’t seen her one on one in quite a while. After telling her how hard the past year has been for me, she gave me two pieces of advice. One was to start working out. The other was to find something of my own when we move to LA (yoga class, mom friends, etc.). Even when you already know what you should do, having someone give you that extra nudge is so, so helpful.


On that note, I started doing the T25 workouts again. It’s only been 3 days, but I love it. The time commitment is perfect for me right now (25 minutes, hence the name). Some days I get up early to do it and other days Lawson and Sybil play around me. It’s made such a difference in my mood. It’s a good reminder that working out truly keeps a person sane.


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, make the most of it. It’s the last one in July. How is that even possible?!!



A couple of goodbye lunches at some of my favorite Phoenix spots.



As far as low points go, it’s pretty minor but my laptop power cord died the other day. The thought of going into the Apple Store with Lawson and Sybil was more than I could handle. Amazon Prime to the rescue! Still, it was $80 I didn’t want to spend right now.



My favorite Nike sneakers are on sale! During the purge for our move, they were the only pair of sneakers that made the cut (other than my running shoes). There’s also a really similar version on the Nordstrom anniversary sale for $90. Speaking of anniversary sale, I updated my Shop page with some new favorites from the sale. Last, it almost pains me to type this but the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots I got for my birthday last year are 40% off. They are expensive even on sale, but if you ever considered getting them do it now! Whenever I put them on, I instantly feel like a sexier version of myself. :)

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  1. Kia Salter wrote:

    I love a good roundup. And those Stuart Weitzman boots are absolutely gorg. I love that brand. But I completely understand how you feel. You always feel weird when you bought something and it goes on sale after you purchased it. But I bet you look good in those boots before other people did ;).

    Kia | Kiasalter.com

    Published 8.2.17