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Weekend Roundup

late afternoon snow in minnesota


I’m in Minnesota this weekend visiting family. When I booked my ticket I had hoped for a late fall heat wave. Instead I got the opposite; snow and cold. Go big or go home, right?


I’m starting off the weekend with my first prenatal massage. My back has been bothering me so I’m really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I’ll be cheering on the Minnesota Golden Gophers as they host Ohio State. That cute outfit I had planned for the game will likely be put aside for my warmest clothes. There’s even snow in the forecast on Saturday! Other than staying warm, I’m excited for dinner out with my family and my mom’s cinnamon rolls. They are delicious!



If you’re in the line of cold weather this weekend, stay warm!


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  1. Zack Kartak wrote:

    Disappointed Unbroken didn’t make the book to movie list.

    Published 11.14.14
    • Erica \ Luv in the Bubble wrote:

      I wondered if it’s because it isn’t released yet. All except Wild are already in theaters. I would have to believe it would have made the list otherwise!

      Published 11.14.14
  2. Sue Trapp wrote:

    I had the exact same thought, Zack! Such an amazing story. The fact that it’s true makes it even more so.

    Published 11.14.14