Weekend Roundup: No. 168

Weekend in LA


It is such a clique, but can you believe Sunday is the start of October? Where does the time go?? It’s officially fall, even if it doesn’t always feel like it, Jim is wrapping up the first term of his MBA program next week and Halloween is right around the corner. Oh, and I’ve been putting together my Christmas wish list for weeks.


Yesterday afternoon at 1:30 I found myself with two kids refusing to nap and staring at the next 5 hours before bedtime. So I headed across the street to watch filming of the Bachelor. It didn’t take long for Lawson to sprint under the ropes and take off with me chasing after him while carrying Sybil. After that we maintained our distance from the stage. We didn’t see Arie and his dates, but we did see Chris Harrison. I’m pretty sure he said it’s going to the most dramatic season of the Bachelor yet. :)


This weekend is pretty much free of plans. I’m most looking forward to a solo trip to Target. I should be embarrassed to share that, but I’m not. I just asked Jim if we could get crepes for breakfast on Saturday morning. He didn’t take much convincing.



It’s a tie this week. First up…I am having so much fun with my new iPhone (I got the 8 Plus). The camera is phenomenal. I thought I took a lot of photos before. Now I can’t resist pulling it out whenever there’s a potential photo opp. Second…when my girlfriend and I grabbed brunch last Saturday morning she asked if I wanted to split a bran muffin. I agreed but in my head I was thinking “who eats bran muffins? Aren’t they for old people?” Turns out I’m a huge fan of bran muffins. We split another one on Sunday. And I’m trading our Friday treats for bran muffins this morning. Who knew??!



It’s the sign of a good week when I can’t come up with a low point. Not even Lawson and Sybil refusing to nap yesterday.



It’s another tie between this lace top (on sale for $55) and this sweatshirt (on sale for $25). I bought the lace top last year and ended up returning it after not wearing it. I’ve regretted it ever since. And a grey J. Crew hoodie sweatshirt for $25? It seems too good to be true. Don’t forget the Shopbop sale ends today. Shop these fall essentials all on sale (including the black lace top)!


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, make it a great one friends! xoxo

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