Weekend Roundup: No. 179


The Olympics are here! I generally don’t watch TV when the kids are awake, but I plan to make an exception for the Olympics. While gymnastics has long been my favorite sport to watch, I’m always a little surprised by how much I enjoy the winter sports. Jim has a lot of classmates from South Korea so it’s extra fun that they are the host country this year.

We started Whole30 on Monday. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about quitting, usually around 5pm every day when the kids are hangry and I’m stressed. I’ve definitely learned a few things to hopefully make next week go easier. I have been sharing some of our meals on Instagram Stories so follow along there if you’re interested. Once we finish, I’m going to reward myself with chocolate from Compartes (which is where this photo was taken).

A reminder PSA that my Beautycounter intro promotion ends today. Purchases of $50 get a sunscreen stick on me! Yesterday it was announced that Beautycounter received an updated Certified B Corporation score of 95. (B Corps are companies that use business as a force for good. To be certified as a B Corporation, a brand must meet high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.) If you’d like, you can read more about why I joined Beautycounter.

As for this weekend, I’ll be planning meals for week 2 of Whole30 and spending some quality time with Lawson and Sybil while Jim’s at class tomorrow morning. Oh, and kicking it off with a trip to the dentist this afternoon. Fun times!


What does it say about our week that I’m struggling to find a high point??


Can most of the week be a low point? Between teething, not listening, and no being Sybil’s favorite word, it’s felt like a really long week. Sometimes I have days and weeks I really feel like I’ve got motherhood under control and then a week like this one happens.


This leakproof on-the-go salad container is the best thing I’ve bought in awhile. If you bring your lunch to work (or pack the lunch for someone else), I highly recommend it. The container keeps the lettuce separate from toppings, there’s a small container for dressing and it’s easy to clean. (I received the sweater blazer I mentioned as last week’s find and love it. Highly recommend!)


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