Weekend Roundup: No. 184


Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday of spring. We’ve had some early “April showers bring May flowers” rain the past couple of days, but the weather looks to be improving over the next week.

I’m making a dent in my bedside reading list. I finished Unbelievable by Katy Tur yesterday. Katy is a reporter that followed the Trump campaign from the earliest days. Some parts infuriated me and brought back all the memories of the 2016 election. I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand how he was elected as president.

Are you going to a March for our Lives event this weekend? I’m so impressed and inspired by the high school and college students calling for change. Did you see they are on the cover of Time??!!

I added vanilla to our cashew milk this week. Yum! Oatmeal is so much better with cashew milk. This is the recipe I use.

What are you up to this weekend? Jim’s Brazilian classmates are hosting a barbecue tomorrow night and Sunday we’re planning on a family hike. Other than that, Jim has class all day today and tomorrow morning.  Lawson, Sybil and I will be wearing our rain boots and stomping in puddles. I’d love to squeeze in a trip to the beach somehow but that’s not an activity I’m brave enough to tackle solo!


A 3-way tie between making progress on where we want to go post-LA, giggles with Lawson before bed and getting caught in the rain.


I had a shaky return to solo days with Lawson and Sybil after my mom headed home on Tuesday. Sybil had a blowout at the bookstore (which never happens anymore), Lawson was crawling on the bathroom floor and then they both started crying because they are scared of the hand dryers. 🤦‍♀️


I finally decided on a pair of jeans after trying on 10 options. The Citizens of Humanity rocket high rise crop. The shade is perfect as we head into spring and summer, the fit is high without being uncomfortable and this shorty doesn’t need to get them hemmed!



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