Weekend Roundup: No. 193


With our upcoming move, Lawson is going to graduate to a big bed and Sybil will take over his crib (she’s currently in a mini-crib). I’ve spent a ton of time browsing Pinterest getting ideas (all on my little luvs board). It’s slightly overwhelming! Lawson and Sybil may share a bedroom and then have a separate playroom. I’m struggling to figure out how to incorporate both of their personalities into one shared space. But it’s a challenge I accept!

I had back to back social outings this week, which hasn’t happened in months (years?). A picnic style dinner outside with friends followed by drinks with a girlfriend last night. Both were such fun!

It’s day 5 of potty training and I’m happy to report it’s going better than expected! I have a timeline of the first day that I want to post. It was filled with a lot of ups and downs! We’re holding off on nighttime training until we move. I know some people do it all at the same time, but I didn’t want to risk a regression during that period anyway.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a 3-mile run and then spent some solo time at the Grove for an hour. It was a much needed break to restore my patience!

What are you up to this weekend? We are sticking close to home until we have another few days of potty training down. Whatever you’re up to, make it a good one!


The high point of my week is definitely potty training going better than I anticipated. We haven’t ventured long distances yet. Crossing my fingers our good luck continues!


The flip side of my high point is that we’ve been stuck inside a lot this week. After two days we finally went outside for 30 minutes. We were all stir crazy! Still trying to stick close to home for another few days.


I randomly picked up an Everyone 3-in-1 soap at Whole Foods the other day when they were out of our usual Dr. Bronners and am obsessed! The mint + coconut combine two of my favorite flavors/scents. I’m out of a body lotion and will be grabbing the same scent on my next trip to the store!

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