Weekend Roundup: No. 195

Weekend at Home

Oof, what a week. Jim has been super busy with his last big project for grad school, which meant solo bedtimes for me. Throw in a growth spurt and/or the start of two year molars for Sybil and we had some later than normal nights. Let’s not talk about the fact that it’s 1pm and I’m still writing this post!

Of course nothing going on in my life compares to the horror stories of families being separated at our border. I’ve cried, been sick to my stomach, donated and still feel like I haven’t done nearly enough. Can you imagine being separated from your child? And never know if you’ll see them again? I find myself torn between an all consuming desire for news and wanting to throw my phone out the window and just love on my little babies. 

This week was slow around these parts. I had a headache on Monday that finally developed into a full blown migraine. I made my way to bed as soon as the kids were asleep (or maybe before!) We salvaged the week with a trip to the California Science Center (it’s free!) and a walk to the bookstore. 

Today we’re kicking off the weekend by meeting some friends at the park. Well, we planned on meeting them at the park but I forgot they don’t go on Fridays. Womp, womp. Instead, our little bee got stung by a bee. I have this irrational fear of my kids getting stung by a bee. That I won’t know they are allergic until it’s too late. So I freaked out when Sybil got stung but I’m happy to report that other than some swelling she’s doing swell. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I am a nerd and I know it.) Fingers crossed Jim is done with class early and I can go for a run. Physically and mentally I need it!

I’m throwing a little Beautycounter moving sale! From now until July 15th (or while supplies last), all orders $100 and more get your choice of a free charcoal cleansing bar, rejuvenating eye cream or rejuvenating radiance serum. If you’ve been thinking about placing an order, now is the time!

Tomorrow one of my best friends comes to visit!! We mapped out our itinerary on a custom google map (have you ever used my maps in google? it’s fantastic) and plan to make the most of our time together. Saturday will be filled with eating, shopping and drinking. Sunday morning we’re getting pedicures and then taking the kids to the beach in the afternoon. I’ll be sure to share our adventures on Instagram if you want to follow along! 


I’ve followed Cassandra Monroe on Instagram for years. Her photography is gorgeous, especially her pictures of drool worthy food. This week she did a giveaway of one of her favorite cookbooks, The Kitchn. And I won! 


How could it be anything other than the families being separated? I shared this post on Facebook earlier in the week. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it along with the follow up post. I also rely on Emily Henderson’s posts about politically charged topics, including today’s post on family separations. The comments are really helpful to read to try to understand other perspectives as hard as that may seem sometimes. I admit I could be better about listening to others. I am passionate about causes I believe in and that can get in the way of understanding other perspectives.


If you’re able to, donate to one of the organizations fighting to get these families back together. We donated $15 each to RAICES and the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project. Every little bit helps.

And if you’re looking to treat yourself, I shared this graphic tee as my find of the week last week and also on Instagram today. It’s on sale for $18 + free shipping for J. Crew credit card holders ($23+free shipping if you’re not a cardholder).



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