Weekend Roundup: No. 198

Saint James shirt weekend wear

Hello from the east coast! It’s August and I’m excited. I know some people probably feel August signifies the end of summer, but it’s cause for celebration in our house. My birthday is on the 21st and then we’ll celebrate Sybil’s 2nd birthday four days later.

We had a great week with Jim’s family at the beach and now are spending some  extra time with his family before heading to Denver on the 13th. We signed a lease on a rental house in a suburb of Denver and are excited to start our next adventure. Fingers crossed we love it as much as everyone else that’s moved there recently!

Speaking of our beach week, remember this post about my summer beach packing list? Well I made two major mistakes. I wish I had a pair of pajama pants and a cardigan to throw on in the morning/night. I forgot how much air conditioning is needed when it’s so humid and have been chilly on more than one occasion.

I’ve been in research mode since we need several new things for our place in Denver. A twin bed for Lawson, mattresses and sheets for both of the kids, pillows, bedding for us. I asked for recommendations for a twin bed from on Instagram and got lots of good ideas – IKEA, Target, Walmart, Crate & Kids (formerly Land of Nod). We’re leaning towards the Uptown in grey or the Ever Simple.

It’s not too late to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Prices go back up on Monday. Some of my top 10 items are sold out, but there’s lots still available.

I shared the faux martha’s reusable food storage post on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but it’s worth sharing here too. With our move, I’m switching up our storage containers and will be giving many of these a try. I’m most excited for these silicone food storage bags. I use so many plastic bags for cheese, avocado, etc. and really want to reduce my single use plastics.

My striped Saint James shirt has been worn more than anything else since I bought it 18 months ago. You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but it’s on sale for 25% off. It would be a crime not to share since it rarely goes on sale anywhere! Use promo code SUMMER25 for 25% off everything at Tuckernuck (I also love this white shirt for a late summer date night look).


It’s a tie this week between Lawson swinging at the park and pretending to run all the while giggling uncontrollably or snuggling with Sybil. She leans towards being a daddy’s girl, but wanted me a lot this week. Our sweet lady Sybil knows how to make me feel special.


I’m not giving up, but has running been hard this week. Like 11:00 min/mile pace slow. Uff. My legs feel heavy and tired. I keep reminding myself that it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve run regularly. Slow and steady isn’t bad.


During one of our purges, I sold the denim jacket I had because it didn’t fit me well so I was never comfortable in it. Now I’m on the lookout for a replacement. This version from Madewell is a top contender. It has over 100 reviews and averages 4.7 stars. That seems like a good start to me!

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