Weekend Roundup: No.199


Hello, hello! It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. Closing out our east coast trip with an early birthday party for Sybil, arriving in Denver, unloading our storage containers, unpacking all the boxes, multiple trips to Target. Very thankful my brother met us in Denver and did all the heavy lifting with Jim to unload the storage containers and put together furniture.

We haven’t been here long, but so far we’re really happy with our decision to move to Denver. We like our rental house and neighborhood. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. There are lots of kids in the area. The trails for walking, running and biking seem endless. Lawson and Sybil love all the new playgrounds too!

Yesterday we toured a preschool for Lawson. It starts next week. I know he will do so well at preschool, but turning over care of your child to someone else has my heart heavy. Lawson has had a harder time with this move so I wonder if adding another change on top of it is best for him right now. If you have any advice for us, I would welcome it!

We celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. I started off the day with a 4.2 mile run, we had lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen, my parents arrived for a visit, grilled out for dinner and had cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. Lawson and Sybil helped me open presents, which meant it was over in .5 seconds. I didn’t even know which way to look as they were ripping open the wrapping paper! (For anyone interested, I got these pjs from the kids, concert tickets to Ben Howard, Pitch Perfect 3 (the original is my favorite movie) and these slippers.)

While we were on the east coast, I had the chance to read Lilac Girls. It had been two months since I last read a book. It was high time! I really enjoyed the book. World War II historical fiction is my genre of choice. They can be heavy so I usually balance it out with a lighter read. On a related note, I got my first library card in 20+ years this week. I’m on the wait list for 5 books already, including the next book in the Crazy Rich Asians series!

Tomorrow is Sybil’s 2nd birthday! The past six months have been really fun. I don’t even know how I’d describe her personality…daring, opinionated, sweet, strong, cuddly. She has a look that is pure Sybil. It makes me smile and want to curse at the same time.


I’ve been running 3-5 days a week and it’s finally feeling a bit easier! Of course the altitude is a new challenge, but overall I’m pretty happy with my progress.


Last Saturday night Sybil started crying when she peed. I immediately thought she must have a urinary tract infection. We waited until the following morning and when she was still in pain, called a pediatrician after hours. The nurse I spoke to thought she might have urethritis and prescribed a baking soda bath twice a day. It cleared right up after 1-2 baths. I had never heard of urethritis and wanted to mention it in case any other mamas of little ones showed symptoms. A baking soda bath was much better than antibiotics.


I shared a photo on Instagram Stories and got a couple of questions about the fanny pack I use when running. I first saw it on Merrick. It holds my phone, keys and an ID or credit card (if needed). It stays in place well whether I wear the actual fanny pack in the front or back. And it’s less than $10 on Amazon!

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