Weekend Roundup: No. 200


Today is a momentous Friday. It’s my 200th weekend roundup. Crazy, right??!! It feels like I should have some extra special for such a momentous occasion. Alas, it’s business as usual around here.

This week was a series of high highs and low lows. Lawson had preschool orientation and his first official day (such emotional days for this mama), I ran 8 miles last weekend (longest in almost 2 years), Sybil started speaking full sentences (wait, what happened to my baby), Lawson was defiant and destructive, I hit my knee on his bed frame and couldn’t straighten it for the rest of the day. Oh and yesterday I fell down the stairs bruising my bum and getting rug burn on my elbows. See what I mean about highs and lows this week??

You may remember last week when I mentioned I got these slippers for my birthday. What I didn’t mention is the shipment had two left slippers. I returned them to Nordstrom; they didn’t have any in store so ordered another pair for me. The salesperson mentioned there was only one other pair in stock. As we were leaving, I laughed to my mom that I’d get a box with two right slippers. At this point I’m sure you can guess that’s exactly what happened. Ha, maybe it wasn’t meant to be!

Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop skinny jeans

The Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop skinny jeans I wear almost exclusively are on sale in my exact style and color. I will only buy this style of jeans. They are truly the best!

I haven’t read the entire article yet, but when I ran across Teaching Consent to my Toddler, I immediately saved the link. It’s something I think about often raising both a boy and girl.

We’ve been buying a ton of stuff for our house, including new bedding. Our previous sheets were in tatters (honestly, the pillowcases had both ripped, hole in the sheet, etc.) so we left them in LA. I had read about Parachute Home and really wanted to try their linen sheets. Spoiler alert, we love them! I can get so hot at night and linen sheets feel soft and cool. A definite investment, but for something you use every single day we find it to be worth it. A shoutout to Parachute Home for selling fitted and flat sheets separately. We only use a fitted sheet and I’m glad we didn’t have to buy a set, especially since they are on the pricier side.

We’re staying somewhat low-key this weekend while trying to get Lawson and Sybil onto a normal schedule after all of our summer fun. I have a long run tomorrow morning, need to return my birthday slippers, do a few things around the house and we may check out the butterfly pavilion or the outdoor water park.

Giving myself a manicure has been on my to do list every single day this week. My favorite brand of nail polish is Cote Shop. The color lasts longer than anything else I’ve tried.


Without a doubt, the high point of my week was Lawson’s preschool orientation and first day. I am so proud to be his mama. He did so well on his first day. I wasn’t prepared for how emotional it would be. For the first time since Sybil was born, I have a distinct feeling that I wish time would slow down.


There are a lot of contenders this week – tough parenting moments (if you watched my Story yesterday, you’ll know I had to chase Lawson and Sybil around the library when it was time to leave), falling down the stairs and a 3 mile run that took me 50 minutes (those hills are rough).


My love of Swell water bottles is well documented on this blog (my best purchase of 2016, 3 Things I Did for 30 Days). After using it almost every day for 8 months and noticing mildew in the cover (eww), I decided I needed another option to rotate between. Enter my first Yeti tumbler. Two main reasons why I switched to the Yeti: 1) it is dishwasher safe, and 2) the lid is included. Very happy with my purchase so far!

P.S. I shared what I own and what I bought from the current J. Crew sale earlier this week. The sale goes through Monday so you have plenty of time to shop!

P.P.S. I hope I never grow tired of this view. It’s an open space behind our neighborhood that has quickly become my favorite place to run.

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